A troll shapeshifter attuned to the hivemind


Race: Pigmy Troll
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3
Weight: 177 lbs
Power Level: 6 (90)

Style: Melee Shaman
Color Identity: Black/Green – The hivemind’s corruption still lingers inside Clicker, and as such, he struggles to see the world as more than a clash between his own “hive” and the other. The needs of his team far outweigh the needs of individual allies within the team and certainly the needs of others. To Clicker, life and death are part of a natural cycle that should be interrupted only insofar as it suits his team’s goals. He is fiercely loyal to his team, and views disunity as the greatest weakness of all, and will show no remorse if snuffing out such disunity becomes necessary.

Abilities: Like his color identity, Clicker possesses powers over life and death. His green magics, for example, are able to heal and boost nearby allies. Clicker’s affinity for insects and his experience from the mindlink allow him to shapeshift into a swarm of insects, making him both an excellent scout and very capable in retreat. He is naturally shielded from mind-influencing effects, mostly because he has little mind left to influence. In combat, he brandishes the toxins of jungle insects that cause paralysis and pain. His will to survive and instinctual submissiveness will, however, make him unlikely to confront powerful foes face-to-face.

Strength: 10 (+ 0)
Stamina: 14 (+ 2)
Fighting: 10 (+ 0)
Agility: 12 (+ 1)
Dexterity: 10 (+ 0)
Intellect: 12 (+ 1)
Wisdom: 8 (- 1)
Presence: 8 (- 1)

Initiative: + 1
Parry: + 3 (DC 13)
Dodge: + 3 (DC 13)
Fortitude: + 3
Will: – 1
Toughness: + 7
Scorpion Sting – +5 to hit, Toughness DC 20, Secondary Effect

Athletics + 2
Expertise: Magic + 6
Expertise: Jungles & Survival + 7
Stealth + 5
Perception + 6
Treatment + 6
Sleight of Hand + 4

Great Endurance, Favored Environment: Jungle (+2 defenses), Animal Empathy, Eidetic Memory, Ritualist, Trance

Chitin Armor (Protection 5)

Comprehend (understand and speak to) Bugs [2 pp]

Immunity: Mental Effects (but not damage) [7 pp]

Troll Regeneration – At the beginning of each round, remove one penalty to toughness from wounds and remove one other damage condition, starting with the most severe. [10 pp]

Bug Magic Array [14 pp]

Bug Form – As a free action, Clicker can transform into a swarm of insects with the following abilities: Insubstantial 2, Movement (Slithering), Movement (Wall-Crawling), Flight (60 ft./rnd), Infravision, +4 Stealth & Perception, Fast Tracking [23 pp]

Coward, Mental Devastation

Bug Magic Array
Scorpion Sting – +5 to hit, Toughness DC 20, Secondary Effect

Spider Bite – +5 to hit, Strike 1 (Fort DC 11), Affliction 4 (Fort DC 14) (Dazed >> Stunned)

Spider Webbing – +5 to hit, Range: 100 ft., Dodge DC 15, Affliction (Hindered >> Immobile)

Ant Swarm – Area Burst 10 ft., Damage 5 (Dodge DC 15)

Locust Blast – 60’ cone, Toughness DC 20


Clicker hails from the jungles south of the Leonin deserts, a land of lush jungles and foreign creatures that even the shapeshifting tribes have little explored. Though full-sized jungle trolls tend to live alone or in small groups, their smaller cousins, the pygmy trolls, band together in tribes. Clicker used to be his tribe’s shaman until the day he tried to commune with a nearby colony of termites. The termites themselves were linked to a malevolent psionic force making its lair deep in the jungle known only as the Hivemind. This being quickly quashed Clicker’s meager mental strength and enslaved the troll.

Clicker abandoned his tribe and lived for a time in a colony of other beings similarly shackled to serve the Hivemind (mostly insects but a smattering of other sentient and semi-sentient beings as well). His shamanistic powers grew tremendously as he attuned himself to the needs of the colony. Soon he began working at great distances from the colony, attracting or capturing more minds to bring home. On one of these expeditions, the Hivemind suddenly released the troll for a brief moment. Clicker’s own consciousness, though irrevocably scarred from years of servitude, instinctively reasserted control. Clicker fled north as fast as he could.

After some time wandering through the deserts, Clicker was eventually captured by Red Legion scouts. Fascinated by the foreign creature with a broken mind, Teach kept him in captivity on the legion’s journey north. With each passing day, Clicker regained parts of his sanity and his former power. His mind was forever reforged, however, and Clicker quickly became obsessed with the need to belong. He started saluting Teach and any other passing Legion officers, and even once constructed a crude uniform to wear.

Recently, the Legion experimented with sending Clicker with other members to perform routine tasks like foraging. On one such expedition, Clicker’s band was attacked, and the pygmy troll surprised everyone by entering the fray and helping to drive off the attackers. Since then, he has occasionally been sent on more dangerous missions – mostly reconnaissance ones – though to say that anyone trusts the aberrant insectomancer would be saying too much.


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